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Lincroft, NJ

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reply to heymang

Re: [DTA] For Digital Economy service, should DTA get all the ch

said by heymang:

My STB gets all the Digital Economy channels. I just received two DTAs today which I activated but was missing an entire block on channels between 34-75. There are some channels in that range which I should receive as part of the Digital Economy package. I'm chatting with a Comcast rep and he's telling me DTAs can only receive Limited Basic channels. Is this correct?

I could have sworn I received all the Digital Starter channels with a DTAs when I had that package awhile ago.

Yes, it seems that in many markets, when a customer downgrades to Digital Economy, the DTAs will be set to only provide the Limited Basic channels. See: »Re: [DTA] DTA only gets Limited Basic???

said by heymang:

Opps, I made a mistake. Make that 3 lies from Comcast. The third lie is (emphasis is theirs):

-Receive up to two digital adapters at no additional monthly charge

Multiple communications I received them from them in the past months about the network upgrade and new equipment requirements clearly state the above.

Well after activating my two DTAs, I receive an order confirmation showing these two new charges:

Additional Outlet SVC $0.50/mo.
Additional Outlet SVC $0.50/mo.

Just when I thought Comcast couldn't outdo themselves, they prove me wrong.

In most markets now, Comcast only provides the Limited Basic customers with up to 3 free DTAs. Higher tiers (like Digital Economy) will pay an extra fee each month (Digital Economy - $.50/mo AO fee?, Digital Starter and higher - $1.99/mo AO+rental fee).
See: »Re: [Bill] Comcast DTA

EDIT: When the "Digital Migration" occurred in our area, we were allowed to have up to 2 free DTAs. When Comcast changed their policy last July so that any new DTAs would now cost $1.99/mo for Digital Starter and higher tier subscribers, our existing free DTAs were "grandfathered" and no monthly charges for those were billed.

However, this grandfathering appears to have now expired, as this is the notice that was printed in my November bill:
Effective Jan 1, 2013, the monthly price for Digital Adapter Outlet service on the first 2 additional outlets for customers with a minimum video subscription of Digital Starter, will change from No Charge to $1.49 per outlet. In addition, subscribers will be charged a separate equipment charge of $.50 per month for each Digital Adapter that is utilized on these outlets. Prices exclude applicable taxes and fees.