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Tyler, TX
reply to stevenwalter

Re: [Digital TV] Any news on the possibility of improving HD vid

You may be right, but two things:

First, back when HD programming became available in Tyler, Suddenlink stated they were passing on the local broadcast station's signals as is, with no compression or alterations. I don't know if that was ever true, or if it was true and later changed.

Secondly, I do have an outdoor antenna. Again, it was back during the days when our local stations first began broadcasting in HD, but I did compare the OTA quality to what I was seeing on Suddenlink and I could not tell any difference. I have always noticed(both on Suddenlink here in Tyler, and pretty much anywhere I watch HD programming) the pixelation and blocking on fast moving sports like football, especially when it is something like a close shot of football players moving around on a field. It seems like I see more of this pixelation on networks that broadcast in 1080 like CBS as opposed those who broadcast in 720P like ABC.


That might be interlacing that you're seeing on the 1080i signals. I actually force my box to 720p because interlacing definitely does degrade scenes with high motion, though it's a different kind of artifacting, more of a blurriness as opposed to the pixelated blockiness that I'm talking about.

Pay attention to the Sunday night game this week, the main NBC football logo is probably the worst instance of it that I can think of. At first I thought it was the DVR cutting out for a split second it was so bad. But It happened every time.