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This is a sub-selection from Nice deployment chart

Woodbridge, VA
reply to NoHereNoMo

Re: Nice deployment chart

said by NoHereNoMo:

Sorry... not following you there on the "extra" $240 (does that mean you're currently paying $50/mo?). The prices in my area for FiOS at about the typical speed offered (not the absolute "slowest", nor the fastest--I'm paying close to $60 and it's about the cheapest price available (the last time I checked), and it's nowhere near even 50mbps for download and even less close for upload) are about the same price that Google Fiber is priced for the 1gbps; there's little "extra" to speak of. But that's just FiOS. The "cable" providers around here (Comcast & Cox) are worse. Anyway, as I said, that isn't the best part of the deal: I place more value in having an "unrestrained" network connection. The speed alone may be worth it (or not--that's an individual choice); the attitude behind it definitely is as far as I'm concerned (and I'm not a fan of Google).

My FIOS internet is only $70 a month. It's certainly not gigabit but it is the 150/65 tier. Plus FiOS combines TV, phone, and cellular along with internet. Which is why my internet is $70 a month. It would even be alot less per month with a slower tier.


$70/mo is the "offering price" (not some special intro deal) for 15/5 FiOS. If you could get a slower tier in your package, then I doubt it would be "a lot" less. Of course, trying to compare prices with[in] bundles--especially when intro deals are invovled*--can be an exercise in futility (by design). (*It's the only time you come close to paying what the service is really worth.)

It's not really the price that's the most annoying though; it's the marketing. Oh, yes, I really need 50mbps because 15/5 is only good for email and the like (in a family of 10--or 20?--maybe). Then again, marketing for Internet service has never been all that "real world". I detest the very concept of speed & usage tiers & caps. Anyone who doesn't do any of that crap will get my money as a simple reward for doing things the way they should be done.
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