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Queen Anne, MD
reply to diddypc

Re: Wisp-Router and Paypal payments email

Horrible vendor to deal with. Do yourself a favor and order from somewhere else.

I ordered some antennas from them years ago which were part of a larger order. They called me to tell me the antennas would be drop shipped from the manufacturer and would be delayed by approximately 2 additional weeks. I told them no big deal I was good with that. The antennas arrived. Then, I get a bill in the mail for an additional $300 in shipping. I couldn't get them to answer the phone but the emails I exchanged with them they basically took the position that even though it wasn't listed on their website, even though they never told me, I should have known it was going to be more for shipping because they had to drop ship them. I called BS on that, they weren't oversized and shipped by UPS. They ended up sending it to collections under some weird name - I think their legal name is Family Entertainment LLC or something like that. Long story short, I disputed the collection efforts and never heard back but their approach seems to be the customer is always wrong.


Fort Frances, ON

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said by wirelessdog:

...I should have known it was going to be more for shipping because they had to drop ship them.

WOW. The basic premise with drop ship is to save on cost, not add to it. Rather than ship to vendor who in turn then ships to you, the vendor saves the additional shipping. I've never heard the argument that it should cost more.
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