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Re: VPN or Usenet ?


Anyone use them ??


There is also Acanacs "online PC" or Zazeen.

When they started this, they stated there were zero logs and guaranteed anonymity (not to mention you get some other IP which I suppose isn't linked to you if this is true). But... it's Acanac... and who knows how they changed this since then.

You could always make a post and ask in the Canadian Broadband forum.

Also see:

But I would ask first about the logs/logging and IP association and see if what they claim (ie anonymity) is true and if it's in writing anywhere.


London, ON
reply to Boop
I just signed up with thundernews, or something like that.. anyhow, for like 16 bucks a month they have unlimited usenet service, bundled with an unlimited vpn (and it speedtested fairly well) .. I wouldn't use the vpn for torrenting though, not a guarantee it's completely safe from logs... look at hidemyass vpn.. say they don't take anymore than login-logoff, but yet have sold people out before....

use the usenet for your downloads, and the vpn for hulu/netflix type blocked networks in canada..

if you can find a vpn+usenet service for cheap, I'd go with it..