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Kansas City, MO
reply to m12345s

Re: MBR1000 Issues

said by m12345s:

I will try to load a page and it won't load, then a minute later it might load but it'll loads very slowly.

Try hitting a site by ip only when it happens... bookmark these so you wont have to try to look them up when it next happens



Might also try some SSL sites when its happening to see if its all traffic or just some ports... perhaps port 5353 is getting lost (which is the port that webfilter is shifting dns lookups to I think).

My mbr-1000 is still kicking (knock on wood) so I don't know how they act when they are routing their last packets

Good luck to you!


Bolivar, MO

I will try that, when it does it, it won't even let me ping the router, I haven't tried pinging sites when it happens yet thought. Thanks for the information.