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Vancouver, BC
reply to urbanriot

Re: [BC] Bill C-11

Copyright infringement is a civil matter, not a criminal offense. In a civil trial, the standard of proof is "on the balance of probability" (i.e., > 50% likely), rather than "beyond a reasonable doubt". That standard cuts both ways. The claimant doesn't have to prove every little detail of their case with incontrovertible proof, they just have to establish that it's more likely than not that the defendant did infringe copyright. On the other hand the defendant doesn't need solid evidence for every part of their defence if they can convince a judge that it's believable and likely to be true.

·Cogeco Cable
said by AJ102:

Copyright infringement is a civil matter, not a criminal offense.

Correct. And what was mentioned previously sounds like 'plenty of doubt' and doesn't come even close to holding any water concerning other forms of piracy. The judges I've encountered have sifted through what they basically deem as BS, points that every day people would argue are plausible, and say "you don't have proof" in more plain words.

Perhaps you have different, more people-friendly experiences in court than I have but concerning software piracy, what I've seen are binary situations of proof or zero proof. Invoices with proper dates is proof, everything else is zero proof, case closed, you lose.

Again, I hope the legal firms representing those alleging infringements are not the same as those representing software companies. Since the costs involved concerning media infringement are considerably less, perhaps more people-friendly explanations can be provided by human beings to a nicer, kinder judge... I truthfully can't say, I haven't participated in a media-centric case.