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[Internet] Bell Fibe 15/10 low upload speed problem.

Hi folks. Looking to connect with all of the 15/10 customers who are not getting the published upload speed. If you are not getting over 1.2 mb of upload, lets get together and get some satisfaction.

I did all of the tests that Bell in Ontario provided. The results were that the Fibe was available and the 15/10 service was supported.

I was originally in the Fibe 6, no longer offered. Bell was going to upgrade me to Fibe 10 and let me keep the balance of the Fibe 6 plan, 25 gb of traffic. I decided, because of the small price differential to go to the 15/10 plan. All of the junk that was getting loaded from some websites was driving me over my package limit.

One the tech installed the modem, 2864, (it was just a modem swap) it took me some time to reset all of my network hardware to
reach the 15mb range. I ran many of their speed tests to confirm the speeds. Upload speed NEVER reached 1mb. Called Bell techs and was informed that I will never get more than 1mb of upload. They kept talking about distance from Bell but they have a station/office/building less than 1 klm away. The final conversation was:
1) My phone line would not support the upload speed
2) My profile was not and could not be set to the VASDL, it was the ASDL2 or ASDL.

Talked to Bell billing about this. They agreed that less than 1/10 of the plan speed did not warrant the fee - Bell could not deliver the service level and should not therefore bill the full rate but they/he could not do anything more than make a one time Customer credit as a good will gesture.

I was told that I could not go back to the Fibe 6 plan. I could downgrade to the Fibe 5, not the Fibe 10 plan, but I would not get
same gb capacity.

I understand that the advertising indicates "up to" speeds but 1/10 the plan speed I do not consider that it approaches anything close to "up to".

I am going to talk to the group the deals with Customers leaving Bell but I want to work on my list of options and price out other ISPs to see if I can find a better plan.

There must be many folks out there that are not receiving their full measure of service but are paying for the full pop. Do we present one front and ask for changes?


Well there was the 16/1 before... how much was that ? Now there's only the 15/10 plan. So if there's not VDSL2 equipment, you won't get the 15/10 only 15/1.

Toronto, ON
reply to canblue
Your experience mirrors mine (I posted about this 2-3 months ago). At the time I was getting 12 down / .5 up although the .5 seems to have crept up to .9 recently.

I had switched from Fibe 16/1 to Fibe 15/10 specifically to get the additional upload speed. This seemed to give me some negotiation leverage with Bell.

In the end Bell gave me $10 off per month for a period of one year. Specifically, it was $5 per month off the base rate and then they waived $5 a month for 40 GB of extra data (which I was previously paying for).

Dave Ings

Hamilton, ON
reply to canblue
said by canblue:

Hi folks. Looking to connect with all of the 15/10 customers who are not getting the published upload speed. If you are not getting over . . .

As kovy noted; the issue is whether you can get a VDSL feed or whether your circuit has not been upgraded past ADSL2+.

Post in the Bell Canada Direct forum here:

»Bell Canada Direct

They do a phenomenal job.

Give them a chance.


Requiescat in pace
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Hoboken, NJ
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»[Internet] Bell Fibe 15/10 low upload speed problem.