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Pierrefonds, QC
reply to SuperNet9

Re: Condensation on windows, how to fix?

As others have said: Humidity

The glass of the windows is cold, even if they are well insulated, they are COLD (when it's cold outside).

Think of a icy cold glass of water, it gets wet from the outside because the air around it touches it, and cools down. The humidity in that warm air turns to water (hot air can hold more water than cold air).


1 - Turn off the humidifier.

Get a few cheap hygrometers (humidity meters) and place them around the house. If the humidity level is over 45%, it's still too high. If humidity is below 45% but your humidifier is off, maybe you keep the house too warm. Warm house = human bodies expelling more humidity. 45% humidity at 80 degrees will create more condensation on the windows than 45% humidity at 70 degrees.

2 - Find a way to create air movement in the house. Do you have a furnace? If it's furnace heating, set it to keep the blower fan on 24/7 to circulate air around the house. It will even out the humidity level which can help in places like the kitchen and near the shower (as humidity there can be quite high).

3 - Worse come to worse and you really have an uncontrollable humidity problem you can either buy a dehumidifier, but those are noisy, or invest a pretty penny in an air exchanger, which is a good investment if you don't have central heating.