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North Baltimore, OH

[Internet] Question About 25mb/3mb Ultimate

I just cancelled my Frontier services about a month or two ago because I wasn't getting anywhere near the speeds that I was paying for. I got Frontier after Verizon sold out to them in my area.

After getting noticed that my services would now be through Frontier I started getting severe downtime that I never had before with my Verizon DSL. It would run slow and would go out when it rained.

So I called them about it and they said there was an upgrade going on in my area. This was early 2011 by the way.. I asked them when the upgrade would be complete and they told me sometime in March. I waited it out and after March my connection became stable and never went out again.

The only problem was that I was paying for 3mbps service and I was only averaging around 400kbps. This is what my bill looked like:

HSI Dynamic 3M Res Term 10/13/11 - 9/12/12
HSI Dynamic Loop 3.0Mb - 5.0Mb - Res. 29.99
HSI Port 3.0Mb - Res. 5.99
Anti Virus Up to 3 PC's
Total Monthly Charges. 35.98

Like I said I wasn't happy with the services I was getting so I cancelled it all together so I could try to switch to Cable.

But now looking at Frontiers site, when I put in my address it says that the 25mbps/3mbps Ultimate Broadband is available. I'm not sure why I wasn't told about this by Frontier, but I'm wondering if it would be worth getting.

Does anyone have experience with this package? Please let me know.


North Baltimore, OH
Sorry to bump this. But I think I've decided that I am going to get Frontier again and go with the 25/3 Ultimate for $59.99 a month.

But before I do, I have a few questions I hope someone can help me out with. The first one is that when I first got Verizon DSL before the Frontier tranistion Verizon gave me the Actiontec GT704-WGB model modem. So I was wondering if I will need to get a new modem for the higher speeds?

Next thing is that I haven't had a technician at my house since the Verizon tech installed my DSL. So I was wondering if they would have to come out and upgrade anything here?

Also, if anyone has had this package maybe you could give me and idea of how well it actually performs. Thanks!

Everett, WA
The 25/3 is VDSL so yes you will need a new modem.

Now have they verified your line qualifies? For 25/3 you should be fairly close to the DSLAM.


Newman, IL
·Frontier Communi..
reply to Zionikk
You will have to call in to see what is actually available. The website will give you all the plans regardless if it is available in your area or not.

As an example only the 12Mbps bonded plan is available in my town despite being practically right on the CO.

From what I have seen there are two versions of ultimate. One is the 25/3 as stated by the website which should be VDSL2, the other seems to be bonded ADSL2+ which is 24/2.

Hope that helps.


North Baltimore, OH
reply to Zionikk
Haha, wow! I just got done talking to customer service and was told that 3Mbps was the only thing available in my area even though they advertise faster speeds.

So I thank you guys for warning me about that. She did say they were upgrading eventually in my area though. I'm pretty sure myself that they just did an upgrade in a city that's less than 20 miles away from me.

So hopefully I will get those speeds someday. Now I just hope I can get closer to 3Mbps this time instead of like 400kbps!