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Stow, OH

Mute on all channels

I have a problem that occurs every 2 weeks or so. A giant MUTE will show up, muting all the channels. The only way to resolve the issue so far has been to reset the box. The mute does not come from my remote, it seems to come from the network side. Has anyone experienced this? If so, how was it dealt with?


Cleveland, OH
·AT&T U-Verse
I have actually seen this happen on my box (twice now, I've had UVerse since 2009). There's a help channel on UVerse (I don't remember the channel number) and if you step through the sound troubleshooter, it will un-mute your sound (at least it's better than a reset).

I have no idea what causes it.


reply to b117sat
A stray IR signal mutes the volume on the receiver and your Uverse remote is programmed to send all volume commands to the TV so you can't unmute it.
That troubleshoot app under the help menu can unmute the receiver. Order an extra remote and just leave it with factory settings to have it handy to send volume command to any receiver that gets its volume messed up. Or simply consult the manual for the remote on how to use the 955 code sequence to temporarily reassign the volume commands. »www.att.com/esupport/uverse-user ··· -guides/