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Who Is John Galt?
Galt's Gulch
reply to jaykaykay

Re: Adam Lanzas hard drive

said by jaykaykay:

This boy/man was someone that everyone would certainly like to get to know via the HD, but it still wouldn't tell the story of what was in his mind.

Exactly. Any documents on the HD written by the perpetrator may or may not be coherent or even accurate (e.g. deliberately misleading). Website visits etc could also be misleading.

As an example, lets says I plan to murder a bunch of people for my own reasons. However I wish to make some person or organization look bad. I could write documents and leave them on the HD, post to certain forums (e.g. right/left wing extremist websites), tweet to certain channels etc.

The assumption, by law enforcement, is that stuff on a HD is a true indication of a persons state of mind. That may or may not be true.

The point is that a highly intelligent but deranged individual could leave stuff behind to send a message. That doesn't seem to be the case in this incident but time will tell.
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