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Hamilton, ON
·Cogeco Cable
reply to analog andy

Re: Blog - Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

I believe it was mentioned through Canpire that they downloaded a bit from all IP's and then they go one complete file from all IP not a complete file from each IP.

Also don't know how much if matters but Canpire in not an impartial third party but part of the copyright troll circle. Seems they would gain financially to make sure someone got tracked and busted. Seems like a phishing expedition for monetary value. How do we know they didn't seed the original torrent.
@ Analog Andy - I hope that is not the case... so if some guy's IP is flagged, and he uploads a 1 and a 0 (2 bits, or 1/4 a byte) then he's screwed. Wow, that's a REALLY loose standard of evidence.

You make a good point about Canipre. It's owner might have been and may be a private investigator, but Canipre itself is not, and Logan is not an IT or programming professional, nor a developer of the Guardaley software he relies upon. He might have been a private investigator in the past, and might currently be, but he is also a musician. Nowhere can I located an education or profession in software or computing. The German program Guardaley is under massive scrutiny in the USA as well, as previously noted.

This Voltage case is a pile of dung, piled on different kinds of dung. Then thrown at a wall. Hoping one of all the types of dung sticks.

analog andy

Surrey, BC

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said by racer123:

@ Analog Andy - I hope that is not the case... so if some guy's IP is flagged, and he uploads a 1 and a 0 (2 bits, or 1/4 a byte) then he's screwed. Wow, that's a REALLY loose standard of evidence.

Im trying to locate it but its written in one of the submissions/court papers someone link to on here.

Edit found it. Seems there was no way they could download 2300 individual copies of each movie andcheck them all against a master copy. That would take like 5000+ hours per show to watch each one.

6. Between September 1 and October 30, 2012, Canipre used forensic software to scan
BitTorrent networks for the presence of the Works. The forensic software searched
BitTorrent networks for files corresponding to the Works and identified the IP
address of each seeder or peer who was offering any of these files for transfer or
distribution. This information is available to anyone that is connected to the P2P
7. The forensic software downloaded the copies of the Works available for distribution
on the P2P networks and for each file downloaded recorded the following identifying
a. the IP address assigned to the peer by his or her internet service provider
(“ISP”) at the time it distributed the file;
b. the date and time at which the file was distributed by the seeder or peer;
c. the P2P network utilized by the peer; and
d. the file’s metadata, which includes the name of the file and the size of the file
(collectively, the “File Data”);
8. Canipre analyzed each of the BitTorrent packets distributed by the IP addresses
contained in File Data and verified that reassembling the pieces results in a fully
playable digital motion picture that is one of the Works. Canipre verified this by
viewing a control copy of each of the Works side by side with the digital media files
being distributed on the P2P network and confirming that they were the same;
9. Canipre reviewed the File Data and identified the transactions associated with IP
addresses for customers of TekSavvy in Ontario that used the BitTorrent network to
reproduce and distribute the Works during the period of September 1 to October 30,
2012 (the “Distributors”);
10. ISP’s track the IP addresses assigned to their customers at any given time and retain
“user logs” of that information. Once provided with the IP address and the
corresponding File Data, ISPs can review their user logs to identify the contact
information of their clients who acted as peers to copy and distribute unauthorized
versions of the Works. Only an ISP can correlate the IP address to the real identity of
its subscriber;


Hamilton, ON
·Cogeco Cable
Yeah, it doesnt specifically say how much data that needs to be provided - just that the IP is listed to a particular file part.

The problem is the Guardalay software is doing all the work, and he's trying to describe how it works and dumbing it down, when he doesnt understand it himself.