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Sanger, TX
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reply to silbaco

Re: Nice deployment chart

said by silbaco:

Can you host a server on Google Fiber? Nope. Then it is not unrestrained.

The most popular internet packages purchased remain the cheapest tiers. Not the fastest, even in markets that are fairly competitive and reasonably priced. At $70 per month, Google fiber is not going to change that when the national average is ~$47 per month and people complain that is too high.

Because $47 is too high... I read an article last year about Korea's avg speed/cost. They're on track to give FTTH (1Gbps) to every house next year and what's the cost? $27.....

But like the others, I'd gladly pay Google $70 for that speed. I'm paying nearly the same now for something 100th the speed with horrible caps and flaky speeds/connection that i hit every month (all legal).