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Long term...

Long term the only thing that will save Fairpoint in New England is to deploy FTTH with bandwidth that will make Comcast cry, at a reasonable price to consumers. Do they have the capital to do it? Unlikely, but short of that, they are a doomed company in the long term.

The question becomes, what happens to the remnants of them once they do go belly up again? They still provide services that could be considered necessary, think 911 infrastructure, city government connections, etc. It's unlikely that governments at any level would let them just pull the plug. Is this the next great american bailout?



Probably, and you'll probably have more issues as well.
Telco's are all about internet and tv now, POTS is practically dead.
I expect over time we'll see more and more POTS networks with bankrupt companies that can't maintain them because they cannot make a profit on them.

The ones who don't deploy FTTH or at least FTTN.

Milford, NH
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reply to AnonMe

I agree FTTP is the holy grail but I doubt FairPoint has the capital resources to invest in fiber. Right now they are working hard to expand broadband DSL to under-served rural areas.

There is a Network NH now project to upgrade middle-mile infrastructure. That should help reduce the cost of deploying high speed access but it is really focused on business and municipal anchor buildings.

I think FairPoint has an even bigger problem. I just switched my phone/DSL from FairPoint to G4 Communication. Cheaper and double the DSL speed. That is something FairPoint needs to address in the short term, make the best possible use of what they already have in place.

ILECs are hemorrhaging landlines. We went from three POTS lines and dry loop 512/512 SDSL ten years ago to a single POTS/ADSL line today. In the heyday of dial-up it was not unusual to have multiple phone lines. Get serious about maximizing DSL speed over existing copper and offer multi-line bonded DSL at reasonable cost for those who need higher speed.

Copper is not going anyway any time soon, especially in rural semi-rural areas. Telcos need to figure out how to deliver reasonable speed at reasonable cost.



Canonsburg, PA
reply to MovieLover76

said by MovieLover76:

Telco's are all about internet and tv now, POTS is practically dead.

I would say just internet, TV can reduce churn but it isn't really much of a money maker for the telcos. The telcos that can't find a way to bring fiber to the premises to a majority of their current customers nor make profits from mobile better hope the world really does end on Friday because they don't really have a future.