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Carlisle, PA
reply to rcdailey

Re: Adam Lanzas hard drive

said by rcdailey:

I'm sure someone will want to know the Lanza method of data destruction if it really does prevent forensic recovery.

With today's data density physical destruction of the platters will ensure data recovery is hard or impossible. In a HD like the Challenger's (400MB) you have 400MB of data spread across 2 platters. Think if it like grains of sand. Now in a modern 2TB drive, you have, what 5200x more data in the same area. So those grains of sand now become 5200x smaller. So if you take out, say a 1/16th of an inch, in a 400MB drive you may have wiped out a few MB of data. On a 2TB drive, you could have wiped out a couple GB.