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[CenturyTel] Problems with PK5001Z and port forwarding

I'm having a terrible time with the ZyXEL PK5001Z modem. Actually, most everything works fine, but I cannot get port forwarding to work correctly. All outgoing connections seem to work great.

I have a few common ports set up, 22, 25, 80, 443, etc. If I run nmap against my static IP address from the network, I see port 7676 open (which I gather is "TR069 connection requests"). If I enable the remote console, I can connect via telnet or ssh, so it looks like getting through CenturyLink goes just fine. But, when I telnet into one of the ports forwarded to a server on my internal network, the connection times out.

It's hard to be absolutely certain, but it looks like when I telnet to a forwarded port that the modem sends out an ARP for my server IP (and the server responds), but I never see the SYN packet to set up the connection.

BTW, after ssh'ing into the remote console, I can telnet to the server just fine.

I have the firewall turned off. I have even put my host into the DMZ, but still have the same behaviour. The ZyXEL tech support says that it's bad hardware (which doesn't seem likely to me), and/or CenturyLink proprietary software. CenturyLink tech support says that it's ZyXEL's problem...

Any suggestions would be most welcome!


marcus hall

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Get rid of the PK5001Z and get another brand of MODEM/router.

Skim the threads here and you will see all the issues with that hardware.
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