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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
reply to tnsprin

Re: Junk calls

said by tnsprin:

And unfortunately new phone installs are public record....

Any proof of that? I surely never heard that.

Warwick, RI
reply to jcondon
I'd hate to have a job where my task results in annoying almost all of the people I call, some to the point of them responding with obscenity-laden invective, all with the goal of getting that *one* sale.

While employment is better than unemployed, honestly I think lawyers and telemarketers belong in same circle of hell, which needs to grow to accommodate the new members. Because it sure seems like it's getting worse.

Government intervention is a joke. Forget that illusion, because that's all it ever was. And because there's money to be made in that data, it's big business. More than ever.

So, in my opinion, based on some facts as well as empirical evidence:

1. The data is sold because the privacy rules are opt-out (with a 30 day window), not opt-in.
2. Because there's money to be made, and no real definition of limitations, any grey area will suffice to start the clock ticking new.
3. New technology allows operators to hide and duck behind obscurity to avoid accountability.
4. There's no incentive for VZ to provide real tools to prevent the invasion of privacy. (10 blocks on DV is a joke).
5. It will never go back to the way it was without some sort of calamity.

The solution is to either:
1. Accept it because it will never go away.
2. Use more (subscriber-provided) technology to block the worst of it.
3. Say no more and learn how to live without that telephone.

I'm at 2 with a Digitone Call Blocker. At $100, it's expensive but it works, at least for the time being, until sneaky tech catches up with it.

Dark Lord of Sriracha

reply to hobgoblin
said by hobgoblin:

You need to re-register with DNC.

Wrong. Once a number is registered, you do not need to re-register.

Warwick, RI
If there is a procedure where registered phone numbers are culled from the active list, it would be useful for someone to verify their number is still listed.

»donotcall.gov has a verify step that will send you an email with the results. It will show whether the number is listed, and the date that it was listed.

Someone who was previously registered and had a number ported over could verify if the listing still holds. I know that my old VZ POTS number is still registered when it came over to FDV.

Warwick, RI
reply to jcondon
In case you wondered how is it possible for someone to make money with robocalls.

800notes.com is a good resource for checking a number before blocking. I stumbled on this post which led to a host of other info. Scroll half way down. Some folks might say TLDR, but it's worth it if you've been pestered by unsolicited calls. »800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-561-91 ··· 910-2593

And check out this blog which explains the details. »telemarketerspam.wordpress.com/

IMO it's worth the read.


Ontario, CA
reply to jcondon
With VZ this was horrible. every number I got from them.. 15 calls a day. I now use a voip which runs me $7/month and i never *ever* get spam calls.. EVER.
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A Big Thanks To The Troops

Downingtown, PA
reply to jcondon
I get a slew everyday - the DNC list is useless.


Montclair, NJ
·Verizon FiOS
reply to jcondon
said by jcondon:

Here is a link with the Verizon phone numbers to call to opt out of some of their marketing.

Link doesn't seem to work right in Chrome for me anyway. Works fine in IE9

»www22.verizon.com/about/privacy/ ··· honelist

Wanted to point out that I followed this link from jcondon8 here the day he posted it and since then - at least a few days after completing the requested info - I'm not exaggerating when I say the junk calls have almost completely stopped. We get a couple every now and then, but we were getting four or five PER DAY before I followed that link. So thanks for that jcondon8!

213 251 145 96

Laurel, MD
reply to QuaffAPint
The DNC list is absolutely not useless. We saw a HUGE drop-off when we signed up, back when it was new. It's not invincible, but it does work.
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Midlothian, VA
reply to MiNdErAsR
said by MiNdErAsR:

said by hobgoblin:

You need to re-register with DNC.

Wrong. Once a number is registered, you do not need to re-register.

Will My Registration Expire?

How long does my phone number stay registered?

Telephone numbers on the registry will only be removed when they are disconnected and reassigned, or when the consumer chooses to remove a number from the registry

Source: Do Not Call Registry: »www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/01 ··· registry

It used to be the case you had re-register every few years (5) but that has since changed.


Fishkill, NY
reply to jcondon
Well so far the calls have dropped off. So I have to think it was Verizon's business partners hounding me. I hope it sticks.


Fishkill, NY
Funny I got two calls today no Voicemals. Both from CSC Holdings. Cablevision.

I guess not technically not junk calls since I was a customer. I think it has been 60 days to the day we switched. I guess we qualify for new customer promotions.


Fredericksburg, VA
reply to jcondon
I recently re-registered my phone number on the DNC registry. The spam calls dropped dramatically. So it pays to re-register even though they say you don't need to.

It doesn't eliminate ALL calls, but it cut them down to next to nothing compared to what I used to get.


Havertown, PA
reply to jcondon
The level of junk calls to our number has risen dramatically in the last month or so - from about 3 per week to 3 -4 per day. We normally screen through CID and most of them hang up by 3 - 4 rings (our answering machine is set to 6 and the V* voicemail is turned off). I recently re-registered out home number and both mobiles with DNC,

What really ticks me off is that this past week I decided to answer these calls within two rings to give the other end a piece of my mind and tell them not to call again. Out of the dozen or so calls I answered, on only one there was actually someone on the other end - all the rest were dead lines, not even a recorded message.

A while further back (a year ago) I filed a complaint with the FCC against one number that had been calling about once a day. The paperwork the FCC sent and the warnings about filing an inaccurate charge seemed to be geared more to the junk caller than to the wronged consumer so it went into the circular file.

The whole DNC system and its (alleged) remedies are fairly useless, in my estimation.
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