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Fishkill, NY
reply to brb198

Re: [Northeast] 75/35 - how fast should I expect wireless to be?

I had similar issues on wireless with my 50/25 service. I can see like 15 other wireless networks (I live in an apartment building).

Anyway I hooked up my old wireless router (Asus rt-n16) as a wireless access point. I think it is option 3 off the FIOS faq here.

55/31 or so doing that. I did have to put it on channel 5 to get the best speed.

The Actiontech wireless seems to suck.


Plano, TX
With 5GHz the range is not nearly as good and quite honestly you get better speeds on 2.4GHz if your outside of the same room as the WAP.

Wireless isn't going to go much above 50Mbps outside the same room as an access point, if your on 802.11g it averages to about 35Mbps. The less network congestion the better speeds your going to get obviously.


I have the 75/35 service and unless it's peak hours, I am getting at least that speed with my wireless. I am on the 2.4 GHz band and my wireless card is an old Atheros 9285. I am using an ASUS RT-N56U router for my wireless.


Plano, TX
Consider yourself lucky that you don't live in a high density populated wireless area. I also bet that those speeds drop significantly if you move a few rooms away from your WAP, which is how most people use wireless these days with smartphones and tablets.

I need to setup a range extender in my house, it's just too big for high speed wireless in all areas with one WAP, not to mention the interference from the 15 other WAPs my neighbors have...