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Re: [Voip.ms] Survey / Feedback on restructuring Geo Locations.

As a fairly serious reseller routing thousands of calls a day over Voip.ms, I can tell you that Voip.ms has certainly been having its share of reliability problems of late, especially the high percentage of calls intermittently not completing or dropping. If consolidating servers into a few "super-pops" would solve these reliability problems then I'd be for it.

Ping time has not been much of an issue for us thus far. We have customers in the New York area running on Chicago and Houston with no real latency issues. That being said, we have customers on Staten Island (devastated by Sandy) that we've had to move to the New York server because of audio breakup in their attempts to utilize the Montreal and Houston servers. Also, as some know, Chicago has been hiccuping of late, requiring us to move some customers to other servers.

This ability to "server-hop" when there have been issues has been a life saver on more than one occasion. Reducing the number of servers reduces that benefit, and adds to the possibility of more downtime with less recourse should there be a failure.

All of the above not withstanding, you guys have some more immediate problems to address than server consolidation - especially in the area of customer service. I won't belabor the issues because they would be off-topic, but I have to say that other than a few very helpful individuals (Chris Rangel, Patrick Richaud, and a few others when one can get through on Live Chat) your customer service department has some serious needs - especially when it comes to serving the needs of those of us who are building livelihoods reselling your products. I, for one, feel terribly unsupported, often finding it a challenge to, in turn, provide support for my reseller customers. I would very much prefer that you give this customer service issue priority over server consolidation.

Just my 2 cents.


Surprised to hear that, consensus generally has been that our support was available and one of the better one when considering the cost we have. But yes, we're getting off-topic. Send me a PM if you have pending issues.
Martin - VoIP.ms