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Nelson, BC
reply to MartinM

Re: [Voip.ms] Survey / Feedback on restructuring Geo Locations.

I've been a user of voip.ms for 3 years, and so are my parents. Overall we have had a great experience and value and have no plans of leaving.

I would embrace this proposal, for simplifying things on our end as well as your end. I do experience occasional trouble with certain cities I'm registered to going offline or slowing down, and it takes a while for the admins at voip.ms to redirect the DNS elsewhere. DNS SRV should fix that problem.

Also with many sub-accounts due to using IP phones and smart phone apps, it means we have to register them all on the same city's server in order to be able to call "within" my account. So inertia kicks in, and means once I set up a city to register to, I am likely to never change it--which doesn't help your load balancing.

Please make whatever changes you need to do, and I will make the changes on our end to take advantage of the new geo locations structure. Please just provide some tips on settings to adjust like DNS SRV and anything else.


Palo Alto, CA
I'm a new user coming from CC. Considering that they had one POP in NYC and I live in California I was always happy with their service (until I found out redundancy meant two of everything in NYC during Sandy). So it wouldn't bother me if you cut down on the sites as long as it meant better service and true redundancy. As far as DNS Srv I used it (CC) when they had the DDOS problems, but I truly never really understood what it meant and the difference with the previous configuration. As a good boy, I just followed their directions.