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You are NOT alone!

I'm glad you mentioned this because I too experienced the EXACT same attitude that you have under the same circumstances.

Signed up for 2 yr contract. Used auto pay...fulfilled the contract for the 2 yrs. Called to cancel due to the regular price being way too high for what you get. Transferred to "retention" where the OBNOXIOUS, LOUDMOUTHED, BELIGERENT, customer NO service rep went on about how he INSISTED I tell him what it would take for me to stay before he would cancel my account....Well I told him 25$/mo with current package with NO contract....puts me on hold for 15 minutes and finally returns telling me they can't do that as the market doesn't reflect that kind of price...LOL Again I say cancel for the 10th time!!! Then this asshat yelling says "We will find all your PPVs that you ordered as you don't have a phone line connected to your receiver...CLEARLY THREATENING ME! as if it would intimidate me into renewing because I had "Cheated them"...Well I told that
forking asshole that if he checked I had only ordered ONE PPV the over the entire two years BY ACCIDENT, and had called them IMMEDIATELY after the error to have it removed...

Now that shut that monkey up finally he cancelled the account...without so much as an apology for his OUTRAGEOUS behavior on the phone, I have NEVER encountered such behavior in my over 30 years of dealing with CSRs at ANY OTHER COMPANY!

I was so disgusted that I sent a return receipt requested snail mail to the then CEO a couple of years ago and recounted what happened, I asked him to investigate and get back to me about this abusive behavior....well a couple of weeks later I received the postal slip indicating that DirecTV executive manglement had received the letter, but not ONE word out of them after that.....

I will NEVER subscribe to DirecTV again and I will tell as many other people I know to STAY AWAY FROM THEM.