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reply to Mele20

Re: TSA detains sick girl...

said by Mele20:

Ok. But where is any announcement from the state of Hawaii regarding this? All I see is this:


And Hawaiian Airlines says Real ID/USA Passport is required starting Jan 15, 2013.

Can I use my Hawaii State ID? The above linked site says "valid" state ID but doe not explain further. Mine was issued in 1977 and has no expiration date. It has my fingerprints on the back (index and middle finger of both hands) and I retain the address listed on the card. (Of course, the photo is really old). That qualifies to prove name and date of birth. You can't use your current driver's license to prove anything. But Hawaii State ID doesn't prove legal presence. Only a birth certificate from the state of birth can do that (and I am not sure if mine is from the state of birth or the hospital).

County of Hawaii website gives same information as the above linked site. Plus, I am invited by the County of Hawaii to discuss this on their website on Facebook...YUCK.

I vividly recall earlier this year that the state of Hawaii said we had to have REAL ID drivers license by Jan 15 2013 (if we intended to board a commercial aircraft and/or enter state/federal buildings) and if ours was not expiring by that date that we would pay a smaller charge for a new card (not the full $40). If that has changed where is the information?

Even if I could wait to get it, I still would have to do it before mine expires and mó bettah do it fairly soon so it expires well after the cutoff date for renewing every two years because of age.

Neither the state of Hawaii or Hawaiian airlines determine what IDs are valid at a TSA checkpoint as it is a federal agency. Hawaiian airlines is free of course to require whatever ID it wants as a private company. Hawaiian airlines website only links to the TSA page which makes no mention of Real ID.

It's important to thoroughly read the Real ID Act and the final ruling which is where the January 15th date comes from. That date is a deadline for the states to have a Real ID compliant ID. It does not mean that everyone in the state will be denied access if they don't have the new version of the ID. Those dates are the ones specified by Snowy, Dec 2014 for people born after 1964 and Dec 2017 for those born before 1964.

Further the REAL ID act does not differentiate between the ID requirement for accessing government buildings or commercial air travel.

Since Hawaii has a REAL ID compliant license then you will be able to use your existing Hawaiian license to either 2014 or 2017 depending on your age.

Now if your state is not in compliance then you're right, come Jan 15th you better have some other ID or your out of luck.