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San Jose, CA

How to convert Coax to RJ11

My existing setup is using Coax cable connect to my gateway because there is no phone line available.
The gateway supports both Coax and RJ11 interfaces.
Can I convert from Coax to RJ11?
I tried to use Ethernet over Coax Adapter (»www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009AG ··· _s00_i00) to convert it and hook up RJ11 cable to the gateway but failed.
It looks like there is no signal through the adapter.
Appreciate if any solution.


Take a cat5 or 6 cable from the NID to the router. Pick a pair, I use green. Connect solid/stripe to the tip which will usually be blue/white, and the solid to the blue. Do this by stripping enough plastic off to tie around the matching terminal screw.

At the router end get an rj11 end and with the tab side down, insert the pair solid/stipe then solid, from left to right, into the center two slots. Crimp end and make sure you see copper all the way to the tip of the rj11 end. Disconnect your coax and insert the rj11 into the green port.


Michigan, US
reply to kent57
Are you talking about from the NID to your gateway? Or your gateway to your STB? Is it pair bonded?

If it's the former, you can just replace the coax run from the NID with Cat5/Cat5e/etc... RJ-14 (In this case it's not RJ-11 since it is 6P4C, not 6P2C).

If it's the later, you wouldn't use RJ-14, but standard Ethernet cabling.

If it's pair-bonded, you need to turn on the Ethernet port on the iNID, then just use standard ethernet cabling to feed your i38HG.