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Re: [Internet] Bell Fibe 15/10 low upload speed problem.

I have had many conversations with Bell. The last person informed me that my line would not support anything higher than 1Mb without causing disconnect problems. I used to have 2 phone lines in the house, the extra line is still "attached" but not used as I disconnected the phone/account. Maybe they could tie them together???
I was informed that my only option was to downgrade to 5/1, less that I originally had, Fibe 6 that was going to upgraded to 10 as the 6 plan disappeared. It appears that Bell cannot move me to a plan that does not exist for down grade purposes but they could upgrade me from a defunct plan. Go figure.
Anyway, I still have a few tech pokers in the fire with confirmation numbers that Bell is suppose to be working on.
Funny thing today. I was checking my DL speed and it was around 6MB, were yesterday it was 16Mb. Had the help tech check my profile and they said my Mb limit was set a 7. How did this happen?
Can it change automatically downwards and then automatically be reset to the original high limit?

Time will sort his out, I hope and that the fee paid will reflect the service delivered.

Thanks for any and all input.


Since the last post I have had many conversations with reps. from Bell. Last tech said that my upload speed problem/issue is with the CO hardware, not my line. I believe he was a level 2 or higher tech.
Got routed to the high speed test group as my profile speed got reset to 7Mb DL and they cannot reset the speed value. They are sending out a tech. They believe that there is a physical problem somewhere. I was getting the 15Mb download until I started to complain about the UP speed.

Funny thing turned up in the conversations. The monitoring s/w can detect a line problem and automatically downgrade to a stable
speed but you are not informed that this has happened. To get it reset, you need to contact Bell BUT how do you know that the speed had been reduced? You may just think that there is a lot of
activity on the Internet and let it go and NEVER get the DL speed reset.
I can see the auto downgrade but not that the Customer is not informed so that they can follow up and get it resolved/restored as Bell must manually reset the profile.

Another mystery of life.