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Chatsworth, CA

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Re: [DSL] Beware of DSLExtreme return modem SCAM

I feel your pain, OP. I was with them for years under my name and then my sister's name. They never went to bat for us when we had many technical problems for months, and then they tried to rip us off for the 250 ETF when the problems were NOT our fault
I was not going to abide by that.
you need to FIGHT dishonest money hungry companies like this DSL Extreme who do NOT care one lick about the customers.
I'm going to reply to this because I take personal offense.

11/14/09, your sister contacted us because she couldn't get online. Same call, one of our technicians determined that she had somehow managed to disable her Local Area Connection on her computer (or downloaded some program or virus that did such). After guiding her through re-enabling it, she was back online.

12/1/10, she contacted us because she couldn't get online. We managed to get Verizon out the same day, but they weren't able to access your phone box (the gate was locked) so we had to reschedule another dispatch for the next day, at which time they tested at the phone box and determined the signal was successfully reaching your phone box - meaning the problem was either your inside wiring, or your modem (your own modem, not one provided by us). You yourself called us back and confirmed that your modem was the problem.

5/16/11, you contacted us because you couldn't get online. Our Tier 1 tech wasn't able to resolve the issue so it was escalated up to Tier 2. After a bit of 'phone tag' trying to reach you at home (rather than your mother), our Tier 2 team was able to coordinate with you on 5/23/11, at which time they helped you reconfigure your modem and get back online, as well as submitted a ticket with Verizon to help optimize the line. 5/24/11, they confirmed with you that the connection was working correctly and at full speed.

In another thread on this very board, you claimed "We were lied to ~6 months ago and my Mother was renewed into another contract for a year when we wanted month to month and thought we were getting that." However, in looking at the account history, I see the following:
- She placed an annual contract order on 8/38/08,
- She placed an annual renewal order on 9/5/09,
- She placed an annual contract order at a new location on 10/26/09,
- She placed a monthly renewal order on 10/14/10,
- She placed an annual contract order on 10/27/10 to get a lower price,
- She called us on 11/1/10 to review her speed and current pricing and see if she could get an even LOWER price than the current annual pricing,
- She called us on 12/29/10 to confirm her contract expiration date.

It's quite obvious that your mother knew full well that she had signed up for an annual contract and was not tricked or lied to, as you claim. Despite this, one of our representatives put in a request on your behalf to have the ETF waived (which meant that WE had to pay it ourselves).

So, no. We aren't trying to 'rip you off for the 250 ETF when the problems are NOT your fault', nor never 'going to bat' for you. Most of the issues you contacted us for technically WERE your responsibility (to be precise, problems with your modem and computer, not blaming you personally), and we DID resolve the issues you ran into whether your fault or not (working with Verizon whenever needed, even managing to get them out same-day), and WE paid the 250 ETF when we didn't have to... and most importantly, we DO care for our customers. Anyone who frequents this board can tell you how hard I work to help our customers here, and while you don't see all of our tech support team posting here, they're also working hard to get our customers up and running as quickly as possible. It's often a thankless job, and we tend to deal with angry and upset people because most people contacting us are coming to us with PROBLEMS, but we stick at it and help as best we can.

I understand you weren't satisfied with our service and certainly hope you're happier with Verizon, but if you're going to talk about us, keep it truthful, please.

Oakland, CA
reply to DSLextreSCAM
Honestly there probably just something mistakenly happened, but the system just keep running robotically all the time, and surely coordination wasn't established, nor really focusing on what is causing the problem(but too focusing on the outcome itself)...

Looking over my two times signing up with DSLX(should be 3 if including the upgrade,) none was smooth.....though I mostly understand that it's unfortunately realistic, as no one really want to have that happens... maybe you can blame the in-effectiveness or lack of comprehensive clearity, but. well, let's talk realistically
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