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This is a sub-selection from 3years+ later


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Re: 3years+ later

this is a post of ignorance eh?

Sprint did not and even still does not own the WiMax network. They do not own the towers or the spectrum... yet. nor have they during the entire Clearwire/Xohm venture.

i worked for Sprint when Dan Hesse took over. He wasn't the one to make the Nextel deal, he was the one to re-envision there entire network. with Network Vision they're even expanding there market and are able to sell/host other Spectrums on *there* towers. This means software upgrades to cell towers after this infrastructure change. The other cell companies can't do that.

People who cry about Nextel still don't understand that Nextel wasn't about personal phones. Its a brand that used its Walky Talky professionally. First Responders + Business accounts were the majority of customers. Are those the people you wanna just steal there phones from without transitioning them first? What kind of business practices do you preach dude?

or... maybe you just don't know all the details. i can't comment on things i've not fully learned about yet. 9_9; or i can rather. it'd just be a post of ignorance.


Fremont, OH
·AT&T U-Verse

Sprint did start the Clear build out. Chicago was one of the first cities and then was shut off/sold to CLEAR under that deal. Dan may have not made the Nextel deal, but he left it go on in its past/current state without slowly moving those customers over to Sprint until very recently. So yes that is his fault and problem with that. He could have easily stopped offering Nextel to the public and anyone wanting to renew their Nextel contract could have been moved over without any problems without the extra $10 surcharge that Spent should be sued for.

And as far as their towers. They were using their own towers before. Nextel was on many Sprint towers. NV isn't doing anything currently for much of the country. He should have done this before buying the iProducts fanboys.