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reply to Cuthgar

Re: rose-colored glasses (Q-Q--)

said by Cuthgar:

Care to post what fun things were occurring during vanilla? I seem to not recall all this fun people claim to have.

40 main raids where half the raid was always afk, hoping loot dropped then having at least 4 others of the same class all needing the same.

Epic mounts ground mounts were rare. saving up enough gold for one took forever. I remember running everywhere for a long while.

Top pvp gear was given to those who played 24-7, sharing accounts. Titles in pvp were based on how long you played, not how good you were.

There's more im probably missing but even with my hatred towards dailies and the new gated system thats currently in game, hands down the improvements that have been made since vanilla have made playing so much more enjoyable.

Don't get me wrong, at the time I was having fun, but with all the improvements that have been made im not seeing how people would rather go back to what was then.

Are you addressing me..? Because if you read what I wrote then you'll see that we agree.

I enjoyed 40 man raids and the early days of pvp. The game had srs issues for sure, as I said I wouldn't want to go back to it - but I had fun and made new friends.

Savious Zero
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Belgrade, MT
I had an epic mount when I hit 60. Of course, I also found 3 fire resist rings in WPL while leveling.
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