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Attleboro, MA
reply to jc100

Re: Linksys

said by jc100:

WRT54GL is a SUPER OLD model, but is still being sold years and years later and has 3768 reviews on newegg.

Why? It works great, hardly ever freezes, and is the most rock solid piece of equipment around. To add icing to the cake, I own one and put DD-WRT on it. I couldn't ask for more.

I have two WRT54GL's in my house, and one of them is like six years old. I have Tomato firmware on each one, and they are rock solid. I have never had one lock up. They just WORK. I also set up my mom, my sister, and a few friends with the same thing, and they have all been working great for years.

That said, the technology definitely is getting old. Is there an 802.11n version of the WRT54GL? What I mean is, is there a router with newer technology that is considered a workhorse like the reliable WRT54GL was? The ability to install third party firmware like Tomato or DD-WRT would be great, unless the stock firmware is good enough. I would like to move up to the newer wireless technologies, but I don't want to lose the reliability and power that comes with a WRT54GL with Tomato.
One nation, under Zod!

Boston, MA
This is why I have a separate router (ZyWall) and access point (actually a router being used as an access point).


reply to RRedline
I have a netgear WNR 1000 v2 I received from a friend. it is stable with the stock firmware and is a wireless N device. I just wish he'd given me the v1 or v3. Both are firmware flashable to dd-wrt. The v2 - of course not!. None the less, I've had few issues with the router and am happy. I'd still prefer it ran dd-wrt but it's not supported.

None the less, for a hassle free experience, the WRT54GL sites at my mom's house. I got tired of having to walk her through rebooting a router. Now, her net works, router works, and I have so many less headaches.