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Re: That's AWESOME!!!

Landline is in no way dead, it is in decline but there are still hundreds of millions of Landlines out there in use every day. I will never disconnect mine willingly, when the power goes out Voip does not work for more than 20 minutes, if you are lucky.



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said by Monos :

...when the power goes out Voip does not work for more than 20 minutes, if you are lucky.

What are you talking about--VoIP on a desktop powered by UPS? I don't think lucky applies to any part of that.

You realise that cell phones carry their own UPS--and operate on expressly designed voice-over-GSM/CDMA networks--right?

Not to mention the ease with which you can access VoIP services over LTE- or 3G networks....

Most cell towers--but not all--have backup battery power. Last year, the FCC looked into requiring carriers to harden emergency power at all cell sites--but was sued by the CTIA and lost.

Hurricane Sandy made the FCC's point pretty firmly.

Raleigh, NC

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It made the telco's point as well... the facilities necessary to keep a cell tower (much less *all* of them) operational until the grid is restored would be *cough* extreme. (sizing the generator to the site, the cost of MANY generators, quite sizable amount of on-site fuel, security to keep people from stealing it, and contracts to manage filling/cycling the fuel.)

Keeping CO's powered is trivial by comparison. There aren't as many of them. And many (almost all?) are manned sites -- techs work from there or are in there regularly.