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Fishkill, NY
reply to JoeSchmoe007

Re: Junk calls

said by JoeSchmoe007:

Most likely spammers just got around to setting up their robo-dialers to cover your area. They ignore DNC list. They don't need to purchase your number from anybody.

Possible. Pretty strange how it just started days after switching. I actually answered one of the calls last night and they had my name as well. Yes I know databases exist with all this stuff in it. Just wasn't much of an issue till I switched over.


Plano, TX
Another reason I've switched to Vonage and never looked back. Main reason was because they refuse to add Digital Voice to business FiOS accounts and their suckiness of international calling plans compared to Vonage even on the residential DV plans.

Verizon is a terrible company with a wonderful network. Unfortunately for most of us it's the only FTTP option and they know it so they get as many minimum wage type workers that they can pile on. I'm kind of surprised their customer support is not outsourced to India or somewhere like that yet, but what they have now is probably just as bad. Some of us stick around for the network, and a lot of others who are fed up wtih Verizon go right back to cable.

And they wonder why they are not meeting their "market penetration" in FiOS areas....