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New York, NY

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Re: Google Chromebook

If you don't want a tablet, you might look at the Acer line of 11.6" Netbooks. They generally run around $250-300, weigh around 3 pounds, and should serve your purposes well. I have one with a C-60 processor, that while fine to use, can be a little slow at times, but they have newer ones with Celeron 877 or similar chips that should be significantly faster. The only drawback there is that battery life isn't as good as with the C-60 or equivalent.

I'm not sure you'd want it in red, but here's one example of the Celeron 877 version - »www.amazon.com/AcerAspire-One-AO···0&sr=8-4 - Note that the weight listed on Amazon is wrong, if you Google it, the correct weight is 2.7 - 3 lbs.

If you're more interested in battery life and willing to take a bit of a hit on speed, there are versions with the C-60 or C-70 processor as well. If you live near a Walmart and they happen to have it in stock, this one is marked down to $198 - »www.walmart.com/ip/Acer-Red-11.6···21853455 (again, it's red, I'm not sure why there are so many red versions, it comes in black and possibly blue as well)
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BRB Face Melting

Thanks man, that's basically exactly what I'm looking for. Color doesn't really matter. Like I said, I don't plan on gaming or anything with it, just web browsing and video chat, so it doesn't have to be blazing fast. I'm thinking I should be able to find a stellar price with the after Christmas deals coming up.