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reply to ZombieBanner

Re: The "Infringement" letter

said by ZombieBanner:

“Until this matter is resolved, you are on notice to preserve any and all hard drives or other means of electronic storage associated with your above referenced IP address and to take no steps whatsoever to remove, erase, discard, conceal, destroy or delete from any means of electronic storage any evidence of piracy and/or other illegal downloading and distribution of Voltage Picture LLC’s intellectual property. In the event that it is determined, through computer forensic evidence or otherwise, that steps were taken to delete or in any way alter or destroy evidence of piracy activities, you are on notice that said actions will be brought to the court’s attention and further associated remedies will be sought against you.”

Thanks for posting it, ZombieBanner.

The quote above is the part that concerns me.

The letter is going to teksavvy's accounts receivable (ie the person who pays the bills). People are bitching they didn't do it, but as we all know that leaves your spouse and your 2.5 kids.

In a landlord situation, that also leaves your tenants.

In a student residence, or a student Apt, that leaves you and your 6 buds.

I dunno about Ontario, but if my kids are involved and someone wants to look at my kids private info I'm not sure if something in Qc would help them out. I'll have to look into this.

So in effect, they *are not* stating an IP is a person, as some people are claiming here. They are stating the IP is an entire residence.