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[Exede] problems with service

I live in a rural area - even though I am less than 30 minutes from disney world. When it is up and running, Excede is wonderful. Problem is I depend on it everyday and it does not function reliably. Last month is was down for several days in a row and I was told that it was due to some tower problem in Alaska. I asked if the down time would be reflected on my bill and was told that even though it was a known system problem, it would be up to me to track the times and days that it was down and call back and complain after the next bill and see what could be done then. It has been down for periods off and on since then and last night and today I can not get access to the net. I called and got a hold of a snippy lady with an attitude that told me that they were currently having a computer malfunction that kept her from being able to access any info on my account and that I needed to give them at least 2 hours and call back and hopefully they could help me them. She said this problem would have nothing to do with access to the net. She probably gets off in 2 hours!n I need the service, but it is a real pain that it is unavailable so much of the time.

Spot beams 350, 351, 359 and 360 cover most of Florida, and all use the gateway in Juneau, Alaska. Spotbeam 349 covers the rest of Florida and uses the gateway in Anchorage, Alaska. In Alaska the satellite, Viasat-1, will be low on the horizon and weather will probably knock the signal out frequently. Viasat is nuts for locating gateways in that state. All the Exede customers in Florida, southeastern part of Louisiana and Hawaii will probably get unreliable service because of the locations of their gateways. There is nothing you can do about it except maybe switch to HughesNet.


said by Spice300:

gateway in Juneau, Alaska....Anchorage, Alaska.

Using their 7.3 meter (24') Model VA-73-KA Earth station antenna should not be an issue.

There is one Hawaiian user over at WB-World, and I don't recall a blackout issue being reported.

Bigger chance of fiber optic cable being cut, which has to travel to Seattle.

Alaskan NORAD has been around since 1961, and I've never heard of any issues from them

said by DrStrangLov:

Using their 7.3 meter (24') Model VA-73-KA Earth station antenna should not be an issue.

For the VA-73-KA:

Operational -30° C to +55° C
Optional Range -40° C to +55° C

Operational 72 km/hr gusting to 97 km/h
Survival 200 km/hr (stow mode)

The lowest recorded temperature in Anchorage was -39 F in 1975 which is -39.4 C. That is rather close to the specification which will probably cause some problems. For wind 72 km/hr is 45 miles/hour which sucks. One blizzard will force the dish to be stowed.

Hawaii. beam 351, uses the Anchorage gateway while nearly all of Florida, which includes the area near Disney World, uses the Juneau gateway. I do not anticipate weather negatively impacting both sites equally at the same time.

If a fiber optic cable was cut, then Exede would loudly proclaim it because they could blame someone else for the outage.

NORAD would not publicize their problems because they would hide behind national security. Also NORAD does not use Ka-band microwaves which are more readily absorbed by water vapor than the lower frequencies they use.