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Sudbury, ON
reply to hm

Re: The "Infringement" letter

said by hm :

ZombieBanner, I'm assuming you're single. But, how would you feel if they wanted to rummage through your kids computers or your spouses computers? After-all this is what the TSI letter states, *ALL* devices associated with the IP.

If you get a chance, ask your lawyer relative about this one over Xmas beer.

All devices associated with that IP would be...in my case, my router?...feel free to examine the contents of the sleek, sexy Netgear WNR3500L that I have?

What I do over my personal network is my personal business...Not that I've received this notice but unless the police come knocking down the door they have no evidence....I don't understand how these processes get to where they are...stupid civil laws...