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Chatsworth, CA
reply to dslx_nick

Re: Getting very slow download speed

Your line is provisioned for 1.5 gross (which means you'll see about 80% of that, or 1.2 net, when you run a speed test on your computer; see »DSL FAQ »What is the 80% bandwidth / speed ). Right now, however, your line is only running at about 1.0, which means your net speed is about 0.8 right now.

I'm not seeing code violations, so it doesn't look like you have an unfiltered phone or other device on the line... and the noise margin looks healthy, loop length isn't too far, so the line SHOULD be able to run 1.5 right now. Yet, it's not. That quite frequently indicates a local issue with the modem or the phone cord connecting the modem to the wall. Try powercycling your modem (turn the modem off, leave it off for about a minute, turn it back on, give it a minute to sync up before you try to go online).

If you're still seeing the same slow speeds, check the phone cord you're using to connect the modem to the wall; that phone cord may have deteriorated a bit. Try using another a short cord (under 10'), and if the phone is running through a splitter, try removing the splitter and plugging the modem directly into the wall.

Sunnyvale, CA

Thanks for your help on this. I've been seeing speeds today below 0.3 at times, and then speeds in the 0.8-0.9 range, which at least is much better than the very slow speeds I have been experiencing, but as you noted, is not the 1.2 I should expect (or have been getting in the past).

I tried your suggestion of power cycling the modem, which did not seem to make any difference (speeds still around 0.8), and then replaced the phone cord with a shorter, different one, still no difference.

I also tried an older DSL modem that I had, and unplugged all other devices on my phone line so only the DSL modem was connected - no phones anywhere, and I'm still getting the 0.8 speed.

Hopefully the very slow ( 0.3) speeds won't come back, but it does seem I should be getting about 50% faster speeds than the 0.8 I am seeing.

Chatsworth, CA
May want to try connecting the modem to another jack and see if you experience any change there; it's possible it's the inside wiring to just one jack.

If that doesn't fix it, however, then it may be an outside line issue, and we might need to get a tech out there to check the line.