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united state
reply to Carpie

Re: [MoP] 5.1 Interview: Dave Kosak & Cory Stockton

said by World of Warcraft - Battle :

Time flies when youre having fun, and thats no less true for those who have graciously taken time to participate in the Guild Mentoring Program. Weve seen a plethora of new heroes pass through the halls of some great guilds—who have volunteered their time and expertise to guide new and old players alike into the vast expanses of World of Warcraft. The program ends on December 18 and well be taking all of the information and feedback weve collected and looking at how we may better support similar initiatives in the future.

WTH was this? Guild Mentoring? Sounds similar to what I had offered below and I didn't know anything about it.

said by Carpie:

Going back to my Gateway MUD example again, one of the things they did was create a mentoring system. You could become a mentor for a new player and as that player gained xp, you got a bonus to the amount of xp you would gain as well. In maxed out level WoW terms, think of it is getting a buff that increased your rep gathering. T

Evans, GA

yeah... it was a test program. »Introducing the Guild Mentoring Program
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united state

Ah... Got it. Thanks for sharing. I didn't go that far back in the DSLR threads. Seems like a great idea but like many in that thread, I'm left with alot of questions also (especially why they only did it on those servers). They weren't very clear in what they hoped to get out of the program either. And I'd have liked to see the guilds get a little more in benefits (as it would be deserved). Hopefully it was a pilot program as someone pointed out.