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St Catharines, ON
reply to dirtyjeffer

Re: Parental responsibility

said by dirtyjeffer:

i think the child should be held responsible, however that may be...punishing the parent (perhaps in some extent) COULD be a possible option, but i think the punishment should be on the one who did the crime.

The son was charged, so the crown and the YOA will deal with the punishment. Most likely he will face a diversion program, community service and a fine. Thats the legal system to decide.

This is a lawyer trying to recoup for loss prevention's time, extra-judicial lawyermongering at it's finest. The article claims this isn't the first time, how many have paid to just keep it quiet?
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London, ON
that lawyer should piss off...if he wants restitution, he can ask for it as part of the charges laid against the 15 year old...provided it was reasonable, it would likely be granted as well.