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Bethlehem, PA
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Re: [Speed] Bethlehem slow internet at peak hours

I'm having the same issue, and customer service scheduled a tech. But could see my levels were good. 25M late late (2-4AM ), but last evening it was 0.71M and drop packets everywhere.

Should I just cancel the tech? This is clearly not my equipment if it works off peak times.

Is there any status on RCN engineering or do we need to seek credits?


Bethlehem, PA
i am only getting 5 mbps right now.. it is 6:40 pm


Bethlehem, PA
try doing a speedtest early in the morning when you wake up. I just did another one at 7:15am and got 76.8Mb/s down.
when i get home it will be horrible no doubt.

Centreville, VA

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Good morning Guys,

So I know I kind of went MIA but trust me I didn’t abandon you I’ve actually been slammed going through several things. So where are we at, first I have to offer a little bit of history.

When this thread started and we were working on it we had a few things that needed to be fixed it’s normal fair usage changes and coming into January our traffic shot up like crazy. We actually ran into a few problems here one being that one of our aggregation routers was capping traffic at ~60-70% of capacity arbitrarily and we had to work with the hardware vendor to get a work-around. It took some work to find that one because well there wasn’t anything obvious to indicate the problem. We found this after walking from point to point to point.

After that was resolved another problem was discovered in the switching network that goes out to the individual hub sites, where they were literally dropping random segments of traffic unknown to us. Again we had to take this back to the vendor and get their input because this shouldn’t have been happening. This was resolved and Tested out to Easton, PA and then later rolled out to all switches in the network that are serving the cablemodem service.

What do you suppose happens when we found two arbitrary bottlenecks and corrected that problem? You guessed it; we jumped traffic on the RF segment all the sudden throwing us into a path of resolution.

So what does all this mean?

Stearweaver: I’m waiting to hear back from the PA guys on them literally splicing the fiber in the field and installing a new node. As soon as they can split this you should see a marked improvement.

Jackal: Out in your area yesterday afternoon I was able to with the help of the PA headend department get 4 additional downstreams into your area. My hope is that this works to get you back up where you should be and help you out.

Shawn: I still have to look into yours I believe you are on the same leg as some of the university dorms so usage in this area tends to be really high. While we’ve got equipment on order and have been waiting on delivery for a bit now I’m trying to see what we can do in the interim.

Anyway I wanted to offer a bit of background rather than just jumping back in with some random updates. And to let you know that even when we don’t post we do read
Bryan Laird
RCN Engineering


Bethlehem, PA
sweet, thanks for the reply and info!


Bethlehem, PA
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and i just checked my speed and i am getting 75 right now at 2 pm!!! so it seems what you did worked


Bethlehem, PA
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Thanks for the update. I didn't have time to check this thread over the past few days but I will keep an eye out on my speeds. I will report back after some testing.


Bethlehem, PA
This didn't do much if anything. Still slow at 4:00pm on Sunday. In the 20Mb/s

Crunchin' For Cures
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Purple Zone
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