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reply to mattvmotas

Re: Teksavvy and PIPEDA

said by mattvmotas:

The Privacy Act does not override a court order. You are taking an excerpt out of context. If a court orders TSI to produce the information then that is an overriding legal requirement that supercedes the Privacy Act.

No. You're right.

However, people have a right to know what TSI has on file, What info will be given, what the logs actually show, to actually see these logs and info, to find out from voltage who they are sharing your info with, how Voltage will safeguard and protect it, if you info is leaving the country or staying with some Toronto law firm, on and on and on.

Marc has 30-days to reply, and even with a reply you can file with privcom. Then TSI has to reply again (so reply twice).

Not 100% sure, but the same can be done with voltage.

2300 X 2, as a minimum for TSI

2300 x 2, as a minimum for voltage (or their Canadian law firm)

And there is no cost or a very minimal cost (5 to 20$) to do this.

Nothing stops this. This is the basics rights under PIPEDA, is it not? I believe it is.


Sounds about right for TSI's responsibilities.

I have no idea when it comes to Voltage (& Co.), though. It's definitely an interesting question. At the very least, it'd be entertaining to see them get flooded with PIPEDA requests if the list of contact info does get released to them.