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Overclocker.com Review: Rosewill Silent PSU

tl;dr a great option for a completely silent build, as long as it's not in a sealed case.

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Product Page

Snippets from the Review:

It really is silent. No whines, no squeals, no fan, nothing. Impressive. 12 V regulation was 0.4%, excellent. 5 V regulation was 1.3%, which is good. 3.3 V regulation was 1.5% which is also good. All told that’s 1.09% regulation, just shy of the 1% “AWESOME!” number, but very good indeed. The heatsink on the roof stayed a fairly consistent 10-12 degrees hotter than the air going in the exhaust grill, once I isolated it from the world’s breezes. I don’t think this unit would have any issues in a fan-less case, as long as the case is open enough for convective air movement.

All capacitors throughout the unit (electrolytic and polymer) are Nippon Chemi-Con. Top notch!

Nowhere can I find a temperature sensor, leading me to the conclusion that there is no over-temp protection on this unit. That seems like a dubious idea to me. ...It runs very cool given any airflow at all, and takes a very long time to heat up even inside a sealed box. I see no issue running this in a fan-less or low fan case, as long as there is room for convective airflow. The lack of OTP makes it important to be sure you aren’t setting the PSU up inside a sealed box.

The unit really is silent. I heard absolutely nothing out of it while running. At startup the relay that shorts the inrush protection thermistor clicks once, but that’s it.

To summarize, there are pros:

Fan-less. It really is silent.
Lots of PCIe 6+2P connectors, good cable selection in general too.
Very efficient.
Looks pretty awesome.
Very good ripple control and regulation.
Soldering is good though.

There are a few cons:

A few leads are longer than I’d like.
PCIe +2P cable bits aren’t very pretty.
No OTP means a bit of care in placement is a good idea.

All told this is an easy Approved stamp to give out. If you need a totally silent PSU, this is a unit very worthy of consideration.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Mountain View, CA
I'd love to get my hands on one of those solely to test the "totally silent, no whines/squeals" claim. ATITool (works on nVidia cards) "Show 3D View" is well-known for ramping up and down voltage on the GPU for whatever reason, causing most PSUs to emit audible noise (some refer to it as a "siren"). Here are some examples:

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Cu1c0N9zNs -- 00:20
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4d23F2jehQ

You can search Google for "ATITool noise" or "ATITool frequency" or "ATITool squeal" and find lots of results about this. Even my Corsair Professional Series Gold AX850 PSU does this, with a GTX 560Ti.
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