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Re: [Voip.ms] Survey / Feedback on restructuring Geo Locations.

said by Mango:

said by OZO:

directing RTP traffic using shortest distance (in Internet terms) between SIP client and RTP host, serving corresponding DID. If it's not, please do it ASAP. It will improve quality of voice for us, customers. Thanks.

Though I agree with you, I suspect they will not do this and I understand why. Making this work properly requires significantly more difficult configuration on the user's side. They likely believe (correctly) that this would increase support load significantly, and also bad PR when people blame one-way audio issues on them, when they're actually caused by a misconfigured ATA.

Latency becomes very important issue, especially when number of calls to/from cell phones is increasing. From my experience, quality of the voice could degrade dramatically when cell phones add their big portion to the overall delay. That's why routing of RTP requires special attention and careful optimization. And that's why I asked VoIP.ms to offer direct media (or bypass media) mode option for those clients, who can handle it (have equipment and needed configuration). In other words, I don't mind to connect to a SIP server, located even on the opposite part of the Earth. But I do care very much about the latency, added to the voice channel (RTP traffic).
Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...