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Binghamton, NY
reply to Mr Matt

Re: Coverage like a Swiss Cheese.

said by Mr Matt:

According to Verizon's map I already have 4G coverage at my home.

Do you have coverage outside? If so, their map is accurate. They have big huge disclaimers on all the maps that say "outdoor coverage", because they have zero control over building materials, foil backed insulation panels, etc, all of which can degrade RF coming into your home.

In actuality, there are outdoor stumbling blocks that they can't control either, like foliage, new construction that changes their multipath calculations, etc. Research some of the science behind RF, it's pretty damned amazing that this stuff works at all, let alone that it's become cheap enough that we can literally carry T-3s around in our pockets for $30/mo, on a device that costs a few hundred bucks.