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Arlington Heights, IL
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reply to adam1991

Re: My letter to Colleen Abdoulah

I have had on again and off again issues with WOW for some years now. The last major issue was back in Oct. I went so far as to write Emails to each and every person I could find on their web site... The only presonal response I got back was from Steven Cochran. Because I caused such a stink, they did follow-up within 36hrs and completed Everything that needed to be done.
Here is the letter I sent and Steve Cochran's response.

Mrs Abdoulah and Mr Cochran You both have information on the WOW Management Team web site that would make a non-wow-customer think your company has something special going on. It is not until I took the effort to contact both of you, Mr Hagen, and Mr Furst did any kind of communication and action start to take place.
If you were to look at your records of our account, you would see
1 – We have been with WOW sense the Ameritech change over, 2 – Have never canceled our account to go with another supplier. 3 – That this is not the first time we have had to replace the cable but have had to wait weeks, months and the last time, years to get it completed.
Being a senior systems engineer in the banking industry, I truly cannot understand how service to the home that requires field support personal to repair and issue can have such poor communication between departments.
Conversations with the Customer Support phone people have informed me they do not have the ability to escalate to management levels, the information on their screens does not show information on when things like the locators have been called, and their supervisors Promise a call back to me when They call the local offices to get an update.
I requested an escalation on Tuesday and was Promised by a supervisor that someone would get back to me… To date, nothing happened.
We are a small house. My wife and myself. Because of the financial times, we only have basic cable. It has for the most part done us well. While I can get better picture quality over my OTA Digital Antenna, I have never called or complained because we are a basic service customer.
To what ends do your customers have to go thru to get decent service? Does your company even care about the long term customer? We have neighbors that have switched company’s more times than I can count.
As I said at the beginning of this message and will now complete, do you actually believe the information provided on your Management Team web site? p.s. because of the mass mailings I have done today, the cable is being buried today (thanks to Me) and hook-up tomorrow (sat).

Mr. #####,

I am truly sorry we have provided such poor service to you. We do take what we say on a web page very seriously, so it is disappointing to get a note like this. I do believe we provide a better customer experience than our competitors and I can promise you that we strive to do that, but there are times when we drop the ball as we obviously did in your situation. Trust that our team is now well aware of your situation and will work hard to try to keep you as a customer. Thanks for your loyalty to date and please let me know if there is anything else that I can do.

Steven Cochran
WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone
720-479-3503 Office
303-641-0129 Mobile