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Calgary, AB
reply to sailor

Re: [NFL] Sanchez Benched, Tebow heading to CFL?

said by sailor:

Here's what Tebow had to say.

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Y'know, it's okay for a "team first" guy to say Put Me in Coach. Tebow has a desire to play and win, and frankly, at this point, he has every right in the world to demand it. He's never been given anything that might even closely resemble a fair shot at playing. It would be as if the Islanders asked John Tavares to only play on the penalty kill as a defenceman.
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To the west
reply to elwoodblues
What a BS reason not to start Tebow. The Jets are not going to the play offs or playing a play off team. I do not think the coach like Tebow and do not want him to play.

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reply to elwoodblues
Danny Wuerffel posted great numbers as a QB in college. He stunk as an NFL QB.

Tebow "deserves" what any other NFL player deserves, nothing more. When the coaches think they're good enough they play. His coaches don't think he's good enough.

Tebow lost 4 out of the last 5 games he started for Denver, 3 of them by big margins, yet the only game that seems to be talked about was the 29-23 win over the Steelers.
Lost 41-23
Lost 40-14
Lost 7-3
Won 29-23
Lost 45-10

Tebow had his chance in Denver. The league wised up to what he could and couldn't do which is why they lost 4 of his last 5 games. Denver traded him (a former 1st round pick) for a 4th rounder to the Jets. The Jets were one of 2 teams that wanted him; the Jaguars were the other. He had his chance with the Jets. He hasn't shown the Jets coaching staff he has earned the starting job, and they're not going to put him on the field ahead of someone they believe is better just because his fans think he "deserves" to start.

If he's ever going to start anywhere he's going to have to earn it in the NFL just like any other NFL grunt player does -- convincing his coaches he should be starting. He doesn't deserve any more than that and neither does any other player. So far the Broncos and the Jets have given up on him. I imagine someone else will give him a try, despite the fact that he refused to run the wildcat plays last week.
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