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Oceanside, NY
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Re: [iO] HBO Ondemand Breakup

You are correct that on page 5 of my 4250's it shows the corrected and on uncorrected. My question is it normal to have some corrected bytes or should you have 0 corrected bytes and 0 uncorrected bytes? Because I notice even cable modems get corrected bytes. Thanks.

Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA
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Downstream Correctables and Uncorrectables are caused by noise on the downstream channel. Docsis contains an error correction mechanism (FEC) to correct octets when corruption is not too great. Having some Uncorrectables/Correctables are OK but you want a very low percentage.

See my post in the link below for some links to articles that give a more in depth discussion of Correctables and Uncorrectables.

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Oceanside, NY

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I just played an HD hour long Boardwalk Empire episode on one of my boxes and my corrected Bytes were 115 with 0 uncorrected Bytes and now on my second box playing another HD Hour Long Boardwalk Empire episode they were 19 corrected bytes and 0 uncorrected bytes.. this box did have lower corrected bytes however the problem still happened. I still don't think these number of corrected bytes should cause problems.


Oceanside, NY
Do these number of corrected bytes cause problems? What do you guys think?


Ronkonkoma, NY
I'm sure you had tens of thousands of correctly sent bytes, where that small amount would not really indicate a problem. Averaging one every 2-3 minutes isn't bad.


Oceanside, NY
Thanks.. I wonder if it has something to do with a frequency I am noticing that at my cousins house when he plays HBO on-demands with out breakup on the scientific atlanta's the frequency is 597 while at my house the frequency is 741.. could hardware such as a splitter cause a certain frequency to malfunction.. its just that I don't think this is the case because I have two drop wires and all my boxes are split between two different splitters with all direct runs and these splitter are only a few months old. It just seems unlikely to me that they went bad at the same time having the same problem. I hope it isn't the splitters because I have all my wires organized in a outside wire box and I don't want to reorganize them again =(


Oceanside, NY
I had a tech come today. The tech told me something interesting he said that the tap was energized meaning there is an electrical interference from some live wire or something like that. I hope that once they find out whats going on with this that could clear up this random breakup. Because the breakup is now even starting to occur on other services such as DVR Plus and other on-demands. I did see that when the tech was on the poll outside my house he took a red meter and the meter started making noise when he placed it near the tap and thats when he said there is some type of electrical interference. Has anyone ever heard of this problem before??