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Re: Air condition issue

They looked at everything again and said the "heater control valve has a slow leak down" on the paperwork. They replaced it for free and it seems to work now.

However, not sure if I have a new issue because of it. If I turned the thermostat or whatever it's called all the way to red (heat), and put it on MAX AC, before it would blow out luke warm air. Now it blows out cold air. When I set the switch from MAX AC to the vent, it works as it should. Did they forget to hook something up, or is it working as intended if it works on the vent (but not MAX AC)?

I know it defeats the purpose but shouldn't running MAX AC on hot blow out hot air? It was before but now it's blowing cold air. I remember other cars I've driven in the past to blow out hot air if I put it on MAX AC.

BTW, the MAX AC setting with it on cold makes it blow out much harder and better now.

It's 40 degrees out too if it makes a difference, but it was same temperature two hours ago before they replaced it, so I don't know why that would make a difference.

Oconto, WI
I see you have figured it out. My Jeep GC does the same thing. Applying more throttle diverts the air flow from wherever to the defrost vents. I figured out a few years ago that it is a vacuum issue, but it doesn't bother me enough to spent time or money on it. Mine will do it in heat or AC modes.