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Re: 16 Kbps to 50 Kbps Upload

When going to a site like Weather Underground, which has lots of page elements, one can observe in lower left corner many of the page elements being loaded, just like in dialup days.

I have no idea how Exede buffers a webpage, but an user with slow upload speeds has to be consuming lots of extra buffer time.

But, as can be seen in photo, everything is "good to go." My service tech took vacation time this week, but I will talk to him on Friday. I have this feeling he will look at my stats, and try to suggest to me "everything is good to go."



Photo is an early morning upload speed test result at bottom side. Win7 has a connection dialog, and during this long, very long, speedtest, this dialog popped-up out of nowhere.

Web pages with lots of page elements take a long time to load...a minute or two.

SB2 diagnostic info looks good to go...no signs of trouble here.

Doing a single task, like watching Youtube video is OK, just those page elements slow loading time way down.




Using User Agent Switcher 0.7.3 add-on for Firefox, and using iPhone mode. Web pages come up much quicker now on many sites...saves bandwidth also, but one may not see full edition of those web pages made for a lite version for mobile viewers.



Curious, around 11 PM CST, upload speed is upto 48 Kbps. Must be fewer users online, when compared to early AM result. Tx RF Power is on high side, but that might not represent actual radiated power.


48kbps is still pretty low.

Have you noticed any sizeable impact on TCP downloads like Linux ISOs?



Around 7:40 AM CST, I downloaded Linux Mint 14 "Nadia" - Cinnamon (64-bit) at average download speed of 1.3MB/s; but afterwards, I did several Testmys afterwards....something stinks here. I'll have to wait until primetime. I called service tech to cancel appointment.

Exede 5

Around 8:17 AM CST for download