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[Equipment] Setting Up Netgear Modem - Not Acquiring IP Address.

Guys, I am trying to diagnose a completely separate issue with getting my new Smart TV to connect to the internet which is why I am doing this... I am swapping out my Speedstream 4200 with a Netgear DGND3700 DSL modem. However, after spending all day speaking to Windstream and Netgear tech support I cannot get it to connect. Firstly, the 4200 is working and I am able to connect to the internet. I have entered all the information required into the new modem... PPPoe, username and password (these were confirmed), get IP address from IPS, VPI/VCI = 35/0, etc... but it will not get an IP address. I have received different information from Windstream regarding doing PPPoe vs DHCP... I am in the Concord, NC area. However, my current 4200 settings indicate PPPoe is required.

Any tips would be appreciated!


Jasper, GA

Re: [Equipment] Setting Up Netgear Modem - Not Acquiring IP Addr

Using a Netgear DG834 here. When I first set it up had to select Multiplexing Method LLC-Based in ASDL settings. Hope this helps.


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Here's a FAQ document regarding PPPoE and non-Windstream equipment:

»windstream.custhelp.com/app/answ ··· 1hZWw%3D

I would recommend testing those settings as soon as you can, and return the Netgear (if you can) if it doesn't end up working. It's entirely possible that the Netgear won't even work with Windstream. If it comes to that, bridge or forward your ports from the 4200 to another wireless router. I've personally not had good experiences with Netgear products.

Should you decide to get a different router and you're technically savvy, go for this: »www.roc-noc.com/mikrotik/routerb ··· -IN.html

I have one, and it's rock solid, extremely powerful, and it's cheaper than most of the other garbage from Cisco/Netgear/Belkin/etc.


Thanks for the posts I have all those settings confirmed. In a nutshell the issue I am having is it appears that certain website(s) are being blocked or I am being blocked. My smart TV all of a sudden stopped accessing the internet after a day of using it (Samsung TV) and I cannot access www.samsungsupport.com However, when I use my neighbors internet (different IPS) I can access the site and the TV works. I can access the site from my network when going through a proxy site... so I am confused. I have reset the 4200 and was hoping getting a new modem would help. However, I am returning the Netgear modem and getting a new ISP as I give up.

Any other ideas on the whole blocking issue? Windstream states that they don't block or filter anything. I am currently bypassing my router and am connected straight to the 4200.

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If you are in the Concord area chances are you need to set the Netgear to acquire an address via DHCP, the technology in this are is called RBE. PPPoE is not used in this area.
That that is is that that is not is not!


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The website problem could be a DNS issue. You could try entering in the IPs for Google DNS: »developers.google.com/speed/publ ··· lic-dns/