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Re: [PvP] Mote of Harmony from PvP Vendor

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Yeah, I just buy them because I have nothing else to spend my HP on anymore, besides Cata mats, like seaquake mentioned. For example, a single TB from start to finish will net me tons of honor which I can now spend on motes. I think it was a nice addition. Eventually I use the Spirits of Harmony to craft random BS gear to sell on the AH, which is not bad since the 463 PvE weapons go for 5K-8K on my server.

However, I agree it's not the most efficient way to get motes, if that's your primary goal. If you do wish to "farm" them without actually farming them in Halfhill, I found the best way is to kill Outcast Sprites in Jade Forest. They are yellow (non aggressive), densely packed, have a ridiculously fast respawn rate, and hit as hard as they look (like plants). I can get 1 or 2 motes every few minutes or so, along with appreciable amounts of cloth. The key is to round up the different packs of 3-4 and AoE them down 10-15 at a time. By the time you shift-loot, new packs have already respawned. The location is marked on the map above.